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Cinderella aint shhhhhh..

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I have often felt saddened by the realization that I’d fit so well into a man’s life that it’s like we’re best friends but we don’t feel those strong romantic tugs at our hearts for each other.

Then right now.. I had an epiphany, that is the problem! That notion that I have to feel some strong romantic tug telling me that I am head over heels for someone.

I had that before and that negro ended up being a crazy sonofapossiblecrackhead..

Perhaps, what I need is that man that makes me feel good telling him anything, who makes me laugh, who makes me want to play.. even if I don’t feel earth shattering love feelings for him.. something that is easy and easy to handle..

Maybe I’ve been looking too hard.. and not only that.. too hard for the wrong things..

I’ve got a good thing going and I almost ruined it with silly notions like those.. maybe it’s time to let go of the Cinderella fantasy and truly follow my heart.. because right now I think it’s pointing in the right direction…

Who said love had to feel like a Hans Christian Andersen story!??


Take The Hint

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stewieI believe that I’m a pretty intelligent person… However, I tend to be VERY hardheaded… I also believe that if I want something, I should be able to and will get it… when it comes to men, these traits can be disastrous…

These characteristics have caused me to:

-date men because they are attractive no matter how (insert negative trait here) they were
-pursue men who weren’t right for me
-act on emotion rather than logic

I tend to get in a lot of trouble by following my deceptive little heart, or by pursuing my wants without regard to logic…

Usually, there are plenty of warning signs telling me to stay away…

My love life is like a scary movie.. starring me as curious white girl.. I see this big, scary abandoned house and instead of keeping it moving, I walk up to it.. when I knock on the door and it creaks open, I don’t leave.. I walk inside.. you know the rest.. I somehow make it out alive for the sequel (and trust, my love life has more sequels than Friday the 13th)..

So on to these warning signs, I get them all the time.. Usually they are in the form of words spoken.. and instead of running, I walk right into a swinging door of confusion, heartache, annoyance (take your pick)..

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