Crazy Crazy CRAZY


If a dude doesn’t want you.. just give it up!! Whether it’s something wrong with you or something that has nothing to do with you.. accept it and keep it moving!!

Nothing is worse than a desperate female clinging to a fantasy of a man she’s created in her mind… He’s just not the one for you!! Rather than waste all your time trying to be stuck to someone that’s trying to shake you, spare yourself the drama and wait for the guy intended for your life..

And seriously.. nothing is uglier than interfering in his life when he has something better new going on.. Let him live..

When a man says he doesn’t want you.. he.does.not.want.YOU.. there’s nothing you can do to wear him down or convince him that he should be with you.. And if he’s met someone else, don’t be a jealous, spiteful heifer.. just leave it be..

And please don’t stalk, that’s just not cute!

I understand what it’s like to want someone to want you the way that you want them, but it’s pointless to keep trying when the other person is giving you zero effort.. whether he says it or gives you non-verbal cues, you need to pay attention and act accordingly..

I could go on and on but I don’t have the time or energy for crazy people….


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