We spoke… about nothing and everything…And it made me see you in a totally different light… but I don’t even know you…I never knew you and never knew I wanted to… I wouldn’t say I took a chance because I didn’t know that’s what I was doing… I just started talking because that’s what people who want to meet new people do… and you surprised me… Sometimes at night I reflect on what you said and I think to myself… where did you come from!? All I know is my first instinct tells me that God broke the mold… For everything I ever imagined to know, you proved me wrong… I didn’t know that people existed that could touch me on such a level… You reach a place that is rarely marred… it’s like you say what I’m thinking but can’t put into words… And if I wasn’t thinking it then, I am now… You’re fresh… and new and you make me feel… There are times when I think that I can predict the next thing you’ll say but I’m wrong… are you unpredictable!? Perhaps,I should stop… Maybe I should stop trying to foresee and simply live in the moment of your words… Because every syllable brings you to life… It’s in your words, your voice, your tone, your inflection… You’re real… So many of us stalk the earth as apparitions and shells of who we should be… but you just are… When I hear you speak, my body awakens… I often wish you were here but I have no self-control… The moment you completed a sentence, I would be all over you… Utterly consume you… Your words don’t just reach my ears… They dig craters into my mind and bury themselves where they could never be unearthed… They grow feet and sprint the pathways to my heart and plant themselves… like black mold, your words bind to my emotions stuck fast by my own openness… Your voice, it fades off from time to time… but your words ignite themselves in my memory… And the next time I hear a word from you… my entire body arises from an unruly slumber, ready to explore and delve… Please… go deep…


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