So……. where did you meet?!

Boy meets Girl. Girl likes Boy. Boy and Girl go out. Girl and Boy start dating. Friends of Boy and Girl ask “how did you meet?” They reply, “on Twitter.” The world implodes.

Okay, we all know the world won’t collapse just because two viable, single adults form a romantic connection that started as an acquaintanceship on a social network. But why do people act like it will?!

Ever since the beginning of Facebook’s world domination (no, MySpace does not exist, it was an illusion) single people have been hooking up and their friends have been weirded out.

But really, what is so weird about meeting a person online? The only difference between meeting a person via a social network and meeting them at the club/grocery store/gas station is that you can’t tell if their breath smells like four piles of wtf.. oh, or if they’re a real person.

But forget the fake profile thing for a minute and think about this:

Meeting a person on a social network is very similar to meeting them in real life, not to mention, it can also be easier…

Who are the people you follow or befriend online?! First you start off with people you know: friends, roommates, acquaintances, coworkers. Then you begin to add on friends of friends. Real life works in the same way.. you meet up for drinks with your best friend and she brings along her friend who you like and begin hanging out with which allows you to meet more strangers people. Not the same concept?!

Fine.. then think about how when you go out to your favorite bar you see a guy that is always there but you never talk to. Only this time he’s hanging with a guy that you’re friends with. Now you approach the friend, are introduced to the guy and maybe even exchange numbers. Later you can get the deets on this guy from your friend & fall happily in love.

Twitter is the same.. that one random guy keeps getting retweeted by a person you know.. then one days he’s in your mentions, next thing you know you’re mutual followers. Then you get a dm, exchange numbers and it’s on.. and don’t forget how you’ll be calling that one RT crazy friend to get all the details on @SexualChocolate later on.

Social networks serve to make your networks expand. Whether you’re making business contacts or new friends to smoke hookah with, your network is increasing every time you open it up to a new friend request.

Then of course there’s the fact that the sites give you an opportunity to “get to know” a person before you even think of meeting them in real life. Every photo added, status update and subtweet tell you a bit about the person you’re linking up with.

You’ll find out about his crazy ex, his obsession with shopping, his hobbies, his resume and all the other tmi shit people can’t stand to keep to themselves..

Now you’ve formed a level of comfort with a person.. and a false sense of security but let’s stay optimistic..

By forming a bond online you can begin to see who this person is, potentially. At the very least they’ve given a good first impression because you’re taking the bond offline.. and why not? You already know that you’re a little bit compatible.

You both enjoy social networking and share some friends in common. Then you read a Twitter update and fall in love instantly because he’s gushing about how he can’t live without pancakes and Criminal Minds marathons.. Bam!! Love connection (you better hit that dm before the next nerd does)

The only weird part about meeting a person online is actually having to meet them in real life.. but why let that stop you?! Meet up at Starbucks and find your love! Or both of you can meet up with that mutual friend for drinks.. or he can just fly in from whatever faraway state he lives in and take you to dinner?! Either way it goes.. don’t let the weirdness of meeting them or the potential side eyes stop your flow.. Love doesn’t have any boundaries. If it can walk up to you in the club wearing a jheri curl and denim suit in 2011 then it can surely float by you on the arms of Mark Zuckerberg..

We live in a totally new era, gone are the days of landline phones, handwritten poetry and placing ads on the back of a newspaper. Be open to finding love (or lust, if that’s your steez) in all places.. you never know what princes may be chillin in your DMs..


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