You Could Be My Piece // Brief Reflections on Love

Lately I have been too busy to even see straight.. but I recently had the chance to cop Miguel’s album All I Want Is You.


The album is smooth, easy to listen to and different from what I usually listen to without being over the top..

One of my favorite’s off the album is “My Piece” <<click to listen>>

He’s singing about his girl being his piece.. by his side.. ridin and dyin..

The song resonates with me because it makes me reflect whenever I hear it..

When I think of love and relationships I think of two people who stand side by side.. they’re partners.. they’re lovers.. they’re friends

The song just reflects love back to me.. it’s sexy, a little bit gangsta, it leaves a bit to the imagination and it makes you want more and more.. it makes you feel safe and secure, a little risque and exclusive..

The exclusivity of love is so appealing.. any and everybody can find, experience and be in love.. but it’s not the same experience for any two people.. Love is intimate, full of surprises and sacred.. it’s actually a lot more than I can put into words or even imagine..

It is my hope that true love finds every person..

I think I just got a bit too mushy! Buy Miguel’s album on iTunes let me know what your favorite songs are..

You can follow Miguel on twitter.. @migmoney..

Let me know your thoughts in the comments or via twitter @emellewriter

Just because I love you: bonus just in case I ever become a stripper favorite track <<Vixen>>

“love is too weak to define, just what you mean to me” -Prince, Adore

*speaking of true love, not the lust, like and confusion some of you busters deem love


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