I tweet probably from the time I wake up until I go to bed.. don’t judge me.. I just have a lot of feelings #MeanGirls

While perusing twitter, I usually learn some ignorant, hilarious and rowdy ish..

For instance.. Chris Brown taught me that ballets are those slow songs on albums


Mary J. Blige taught me that people who are smart have intelligents..

Back to the subject..

Today I learned a new phrase to add to my repertoire of sexual synonyms..

What are sexual synonyms!? Okay.. I know you’re smarter than this.. but I’ll humor you..

Sexual synonyms: words or phrases used to define or characterize sex, sexual acts or the reproductive organs.

Well known examples:  head (oral sex), kitty (vagina), wang (penis), and good good (a stupid ass phrase that denotes a woman who has powerful enough p to keep her man off the streets #NoKeriHilson)

As stated.. I learned a new sexual synonym today that made me laugh SO hard that I just had to share it:

Awh-sum Jahw-sum

Awesome Jawsome: (adj.) great head that makes you act a damn fool…the woman uses every muscle in her jaws… -@TittyJenkins216

Awesome Jawsome goes beyond the realm of regular by the book dome, it’s the type of oral sex that makes man’s toes curl, knees buckle and renders his legs useless for minutes upon completion.. I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that the act probably concludes with a big gulp and a cheeseburger smile on the face of the receiver..

Perhaps the next time you’re in the mood for a little oral lovey dub dub from your chick (or whoever you choose).. you’ll say.. “hey baby.. what’s up with that awesome jawsome!??!”

I’ve yet to come up with a cool female-appropriate term so.. I say.. just stick with the push the head down method for now


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