It’s All Daddy’s Fault

Montana Fishburne aka Chippy D dumbass name.. wannabe pornstar and daughter to Lawrence Fishburne..

Who doesn’t know about Larrys chap showing her chachas and tatas to the world for minimal enjoyment!?!

Who by now hasn’t heard that she wants to do porn because sex tapes make people famous and that she’s been arrested for prostitution and a bunch of other stuff we read on blogs everyday..

And who hasn’t heard “Where did Larry go wrong?” Ohhh please! Give me a friggin break!!

If Montana’s last name was Smith and she was the daughter of Benny Smith of 1204 Westin Street in Whoknowswhere, USA no one would be askin this stuff!!

Guess what?! EVERYONE who does porn is someones son or daughter.. but no one is trying to find their parents and ask them what went wrong?!

Im tried of people jumping on Larry because his daughter is doing silly #hoeshit..


It’s not about her doing porn.. it’s about her daddy being famous!

She’s a legal adult and technically can do whatever dumb stuff she wants.. even if that want is to make mediocre porn.. stop tryna act like yall are all appalled just because her daddy was in The Matrix.. because if she was some regular chick.. nobody would have a thing to say..

Yall need to be callin Brian Pumper’s parents and have them whoop his ass for having the rhyme skills of Silkk The Shocker and the nerve to parade them on youtube..

We all make our choices in life and have to live with the consequences.. our parents can teach us whatever they want but we’ll still make the choices to shape our lives the way we want to.. As children we touch the stove to get burned and never touch it again.. and our parents should give us room to make and then learn from our mistakes.. they can’t shelter us from the world simply to protect us because we’ll have to fend for ourselves eventually..

It’s not anyone’s fault or choice what Montana Fishburne or any other child chooses to do except thiers.. so.. Larry.. it’s not your fault


One Response to “It’s All Daddy’s Fault”

  1. Well said! I completely agree that people shouldn’t judge the celebrity parents for stupid shit their kids do. While the parents are definitely responsible for their kids upbringing, there is only so much they can do and monitor. If the parents are not completely dysfunctional and tried their best, the rest is up to the kid.

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