I Did NOT Do This For YOU

How many times have you cut your hair and some guy says “Why did you cut your hair? I don’t like it!” Or hear a dude saying “ugh, I hate when girls wear (insert trendy clothing item here).. or perhaps you mention an aesthetic change you’d like to make and man x says “OH no!! don’t do that!!”.. I have heard these phrases so many times and guys just do not understand how ANNOYING it is!!

Recently I got a really cute asymmetric cut.. I mean.. it’s a jazzy cut.. and this guy I know was in total disbelief that I cut my hair and went as far as to say he disliked it..

My response?!

I DON’T GIVE A FLYING *#&)*#^#$&%^…

Here is what I wish guys would understand.. WE.DONT.GIVE.A.DAMN.IF.YOU.LIKE.IT

We cut our hair, we put on gladiator sandals, we wear leggings every day of the week, we smoke weed, we get drunk and dance on tables, we wear bright red lipstick… BECAUSE:


It’s just that simple… we do things that make us happy, a fresh new haircut or a trendy clothing item makes us feel good and feel good about ourselves.. they help us express who we are and boost our confidence.. contrary to your (i.e. guys) arrogant beliefs.. we don’t do this shit for you!!!!!

Most of us aren’t stupid.. we know what attracts the type of guys we like.. we know that guys like girls who are confident and put together.. but it’s up to us how we physically and mentally display these qualities..

If I look good, I feel good and that will show in everything I do

Confidence is all about the individual.. it is attractive but it is not dependent upon what other people find attractive.. It is about what makes you as a person happy..

So.. dude.. that bright red lipstick you hate so much!? she f’ing loves it and if you don’t.. you can kick rocks!!

It is so not about you!!



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