love notes // Jungle Love

So.. my gift of randomness and blogging is something that’s manifested from my true love and talent for writing.. betchadinknow.. I write quite a bit of poetry and bits of literature here and there and I decided that I want to share a little bit..

It’s been one of those summers.. enjoy 

heart rippling in my chest

pounding wildly

a drop of sweat

rolls down your back

skin glistening,  glowing

your muscles flex roughly

I grab hold

you’re grasping me tight

erratic breathing

tighten and release

grabbing grabbing

scratching pulling

teeth against flesh

low grunts

deep moans

and faster, faster

nails penetrate skin

eye contact

rushing, pushing pulling wildly

lips meet

kissing sucking biting

inhale exhale

breathing in his musk

slapping scratching screaming




jungle love


2 Responses to “love notes // Jungle Love”

  1. Is it me… or is it HOT in here? Thanks, that was great! You sure know how to communicate.

  2. Damn, I gotta wear protection reading your stuff…lol

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