It’s Been A Long Time

Hey Love Bugs!!! m. lauren has missed you all!! I’ve been busy working and getting into grad school (whoop) and living my fabulous life chock full of fabulousness o_O

So…… I know ya’ll didn’t think I was gonna get on here and write about how long its been since I’ve posted!?!?

NO!! It really has been a “long time” *wink wink nudge nudge* ya’ll know what I mean*

So listen.. I decided a few weeks back to be celibate.. and well.. I haven’t had the urge at all.. and I guess that makes the decision weirder but I just think its natural to have the urge so.. where is mine!?!?

I think it’s mad weird.. so I googled it and………… well all I got was a bunch of religious stuff and gave up on Google page 2…


I guess my reason for celibacy is more important that the absence of “the urge” (I don’t know any sfw synonyms ok?)


So.. I have always had an issue with “taking it slow” and giving in to my feelings.. so I decided that I would leave the physical 100% out of the equation until I found someone that I felt I could be with totally.. minus the physical..

I would much rather get to know a person and fall in love with who they are than how they put it down..

That’s pretty much it..

Just thought I’d share..

What about you guys?!?! Anyone out there practicing celibacy!?!? (And I know which one of yall are hoes so don’t get ta lyin!)


m lauren


One Response to “It’s Been A Long Time”

  1. MMarie Says:

    OMG I’m so happy for you! I also practice that, its funny that its for the same reasons you are practicing it. I want someone to want me for me. And I don’t think that a relationship can blossom from lust. I feel like a relationship takes time and a certain level of understanding. I’m excited for you! I haven’t been out there looking–nor do I care to because I’m to busy trying get my career going [plus its LOADS of lame ducks out there LOL], but when I do jump on the dating scene I’m definitely taking it slow. =)

    Thnx for the post!

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