Practice Love

Love is like any other great accomplishment in life.. it takes hard work, effort and yes.. practice..

Just like Lebron James (#GoCavs) practices daily to improve his game.. we must practice love..

I know you’ve heard the new person in your life tell you that you remind them of their ex haven’t you?! And I am sure that you’ve had one or two that reminded you of an ex..

We all have some “type” of person that we are attracted to.. and we like to tell our friends when we meet someone “nuh-uh girl.. he aint e’en my type.. next!” like we created this type in our minds.. I choose to believe something a bit different..

Since I believe that God has blessed us (not all of us, because some of us are meant to be single) with one other person to spend our lives with.. I know for a fact that He wouldn’t just send us out into the world to be waiting, preparing and searching for that person blindly! With that said.. I believe that your “type” is made up of all those little qualities that your future mate possesses and while we are out dating and meeting people, we come to learn what traits those are..


So.. when we meet ex-boyfriend 1 that we thought we were madly in love with and ex-boyfriend 2 that we swore we were going to marry.. THEN we meet potential-boyfriend-and-life-mate 3 and he reminds us of both 1 and 2.. perhaps that is Gods way of letting you know that you are getting closer to what He has for you..

It is inevitable to to choose mates based on what you are attracted to.. of course they will remind you of exes!

The problem is when we try to run from our exes by not dating anyone who is even remotely like him/her, avoiding a new person that displays traits from the last, etc.

Dating is practice.. you learn what you do and do not like, what kind of person you are in relationships, what you want for yourself from a relationship, etc.

Running from someone you are naturally attracted to is like Tiger Woods trying to play football.. #stayinyourlane..

So.. how about this instead?!

Understand that you are choosing based on what you are supposed to be attracted to.. that each person you date is preparing you for your future husband/wife.. the exes allow you to see the good and bad, the likes and dislikes and then be prepared to deal with them and love the “soulmate” fully, flaws and all..

Every guy that I date reminds me somehow of someone that I dated before.. but I feel that each time I upgrade and it’s becoming easier for me to see how I will deal with my husband when he comes along..

Love is not a game of sport.. but it does take practice.. we have to see the good and bad faces of our exes in order to be appreciative of all parts of our future lifemates..

So.. don’t discount the next person that comes along who reminds you of that skeezy ex who broke your heart 2 years ago.. that skeez may have just taught you more about this new guy/girl that you would ever know..

So embrace whatever it is that you find and allow the next person to prove themselves but if they turn out crazy.. that’s on you!


m. lauren


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