Is Quincy Serious!? And Other Possible Rants… Maybe

Life must be coming to a close because I KNOW Quincy Jones did NOT allow.. ALLOW Jermaine Dupri to BUTCHER Secret Garden.. I just KNOW he didnt!!!

Okay.. so I heard about this (and probably wrote about it too) but did I believe that this fool would actually pull Tevin Campbell from outta his r&b grave.. grab Usher and Robin Thicke and whoever else and let them sing some of the greatest lyrics EVER in love making music OVER THE BEAT TO “MY BOO”…

See yall.. I was in denial.. but Q proved me all kinds of wrong.. right?! Whatever..

See.. what had happened was.. he got these fools together to do Secret Garden 2010.. Mistake #1 REMAKING Secret Garden.. umm cant nobody touch Barry White’s vocals.. so right then and there you should have stopped!!

Mistake #2 giving JD free reign over the remake production.. really!? JD.. yes you were the youngest so and so to do this and that and blah blah blah w/ yo ugly butt.. but that doesn’t mean you can do no wrong.. this is some plain ol bs!!!! 808s and my heart breaks!!!

I can’t say any more about how ridiculous this song is.. I mean.. it doesn’t EVEN sound good.. I just wish it didn’t exist at all!!!!!

Listen to this bs here.. I shouldn’t even post a link.. but here you go.. let your ears bleed in dismay also..

Other rants:

Dont you hate when you are CONTINUOUSLY interruppted for no reason when you are doing something!? Even if its only important to you!! You aint talkin bout shieeeeet so stop interrupting me!!

Dont you hate when people who dont know NOTHIN about you be tryna give you advice!? #goaway

Dont you hate when its nice outside and you cant go out and play because you’re at work?!

Dont you hate when people who have blogs think they no EV-ARAY-THANG
!? Sheesh.. shut up!! Opinions opinions.. I aint tryna here that bulljive!!

Dont you hate when people get all up in arms because you express yourself?! Like.. just because I do/don’t like something doesnt mean that you can’t.. CHILL OUT

Dont you hate when you go to work and the people who make more than you dont do ANYTHING all day!?! Hell I could do nothing all day.. TRUST

Dont you hate when men you used to talk to think they still got it and be callin/bbmin/textin you all willy nilly like you e’en thinkin about em!? Ugh.. boy bye!! I forgot you even existed

And dont you HATE when those same people cant man the eff up and accept responsibility or even answer questions straight!? See!? gdfoh!!

Wont I hate it when I find out that Im the only person who hates these things and I was just ranting because Im bored?!!? Nope!!

What do you hate today!?!?!


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