Is Love Intelligent??

Over the past few adult years of my life.. I have heard people tell me to take it slow and be smart and all other kinds of intellectual bs when it comes to love and..

I just don’t get it..

Love is an emotion.. a feeling.. and empowering and overcoming feeling but a feeling nonetheless..

So how can you approach an emotion intellectually!? Because try as I might (and I really don’t try that hard) I just can’t..

I believe that God gave us love to be enjoyed not to shy away from and be scared of!!

I understand that we should be careful about giving our hearts away and that we should get to know someone.. but there’s no sense in denying what you feel!

If you like a person.. you can’t change that so you may as well live in the moments with them and be happy that you have someone to spend a little time with while you’re still able to instead of closing off your heart because you’re afraid of “moving too fast” or some other crap..

I know.. men and women think differently.. but love is a human emotion.. and I feel like we should all feel free to express and enjoy it freely.. I know I will

What do you think!? Can you love “smartly”?! That doesn’t even sound right!


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