Do You PDA?!

I recently had a beauty ritual chat with my friend BriSki and her sister about PDA.. they are against it and me.. well Im all for showing love!!

I understand why many people dislike PDA .. but to each his own..

I don’t think there is anything wrong with a little hand holding or sneaking a peck while out in public.. but if I catch you doing the Cedar-Point-hand-in-the-back-pocket.. YOU WILL GET SLAPPED!!

Although I don’t mind PDA I understand why some people do:

1. It’s obnoxious — PDA is many couples’ way of expressing to the world that they’re together and in love and blah blah blah.. but it can be irritating.. like seriously?! I do NOT want to watch you make out in the middle of the mall.. NASTY!!

2. It’s territorial — it’s like saying “BACK OFF BETTY, THIS IS MY MAN”… which in turn looks a bit insecure.. do you really need for your mans hand to turn white because you’re holding it so tight while you give “the eye” to every becky that you walk past?! Nahh

3. They’re jealous — some people are so miserable in their singleness or relationhsips that they don’t want to see Markwan and Keisha being all lovey dovey when they’re les miserables.. BITTER BETTIES

4. They aren’t affectionate — some people don’t even like to be touchy feely when they’re at home.. so why should they be in public?!

Personally.. I like PDA because I like P(rivate)DA.. I am very affectionate (when I want to be) and like to be loved up when I’m out too.. why not!? Nothing obnoxious but just enough that I can feel his skin caressing mine.. now thats what Im talkin bout!


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