You Betta Eat Dat…

What in the MF!? Cousin Junebug and Ray-Ray done stole mamas camera and snuck into the bafrum to say nasty stuff on da mf’n Youtuuhb .. AHM TELLIN

What do you get when you put 2 17 year olds, a cluttered bafrum and a digital camera together?! A Youtube video about gettin low.. lickin the kitty.. goin down.. you get it..

The age old debate (to eat da cat or not to eat da cat) has been solved for you fools.. thanks to.. these guys..

BUT FIRST.. my reaction to the vid!

Stick dat tongue out lil daddy… *throws up in mouth*


3 Responses to “You Betta Eat Dat…”

  1. Poetryfeen Says:

    UUMMMM yea what the hell lol why are these two “HETEROSEXUAL” young men in a bathroom with they shirt off talkin about head

  2. Poetryfeen Says:

    and why the one without the glasses put his number out there like that hahahahahahahaha and then got played “naw i aint gone put my number out there” hahahahahahah and he got a mad crazy speech impediment this is to funny

  3. Ppl be on some silly shyt….lol….But its very funny tho…..

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