What About Love?

Speaking of love in the romantic sense…

Love is choice.. it is not requirement for life.. it is a choice that we make to share ourselves with another special person and take the risk that they may or may not return that love.. when we choose to love another person we are willing to give more than hugs, kisses, sex and hallmark cards..

When we choose love we are giving someone else a part of ourselves.. we are allowing them to hold on to a portion of our hearts to take care of.. that is why love is such a risk

A part of that risk is knowing that love does not always come in the package that we hoped for.. we can not control the people that we begin to like, let alone love.. the only thing we can do is choose whether or not we will embrace and act on those feelings..

Just as we cannot control who we “fall” for, we cannot control whether or not that person will feel the same or act on those feelings if they do.. And that is part of why love is scary..

But why not take the risk?! What would life be like without love?! Love is to me like a gateway drug.. it leads to other emotions.. whether they be negative or positive.. one must live by feeling..

I asked my followers for their thoughts on Love.. the most powerful response:

Love is no more powerful than any other emotion, it’s our reaction that determines whether we rise or fall. Rising in love is one of the greatest things known to man. It allows for the expansion of the human capability. There’s a certain feeling of invinsibility when one is rising in love.
-Krate Digga

I believe that life would not be able to be endured without love (of any form) and having a romantic kind of love just sweetens the pot..

What do you think about LOVE?!


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