luv music // how did I miss this?!

There are really no words..

The tomfoolery you are about to witness may make your eyes water.. you’ve been warned

Love M.D.

Yes people.. it’s Dru Hill with new member Tao.. all set to release their new album at some point:  InDRUpendence .. What do you want me to say!? The boys have allowed the zest to marinate and now they are swingin those hot tails right out the closet and back into our ear canals..

I am a little bit confused and a lot a bit upset.. Why couldn’t they just release a greatest hits album, do a BET tribute and ride off into the sunset with the other 90s acts that got fat and played out!? This comeback game is going to far.. PULL THE PLUG.. that is all.. thank you and goodnight


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