Get Some Ice In Ya Life

Trey did not have invent sex.. but he sure did pick up some good tricks along the way!

If you have ever been adventurous in bed.. you know all about the wonders of cold/hot sensations.. Altoids, candle wax, ice, warming lotion, popsicles.. you know what Im talkin about!!

Using ice in bed is super sexy.. its super cold against hot skin and it makes your partners body come alive because of the shocking sensation.. If you haven’t tried it.. you need to.. and I have just the thing:

ICE Bullet Vibrating Ice Cube front cover

the ICE Bullet Vibrating Ice Cube!

Chill out, baby! The coolest-ever orgasms await you when you explore sensation with the most unique bullet vibrator on the planet: it’s a vibe crossed with an ice cube! Fill the mold with water and insert the silicone handle, then freeze — when it’s solid, insert the bullet vibrator and enjoy thrills, chills, and shivers. The ICE Vibe is refreshingly tingly on a hot day (or on your hot body!), and is safer and, with seven functions, way more versatile than getting frisky with a plain old ice cube… plus it’s waterproof, so you can take it into hot water, and it will never melt and leave a wet spot on the sheets. Its easy-to-grip silicone handle lets you put the sensations of cold and vibration right where you want them. Cool cats and kitties, experiment with clitoral or penile chill followed by a warm mouth, or cool off a hot vaginal introitus between bouts of penetration!

Do I need to say more!?? Didn’t think so..

Buy the vibrating ice cube at Good Vibrations.. enjoy (tell them I sent you!)


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