The Endangered Species Project

What if someone told you that you were an Endangered Species … because you are Black

The Endangered Species Project, based out of Georgia, is a a collaboration between The Radiance Foundation ( and Georgia’s Operation Outrage.  The Project aims to eliminate abortion in America and educate African-Americans on the impact abortion has on our community.  The project mainly focuses on the alarming rate of abortion in the Black community and exposing Planned Parenthood for its true intentions.  The project advocates adoption in place of abortion. 

I first learned about abortion in 6th grade and made a decision that I still stand on.  What I learned shaped how I view life and the giving of life. 

I consider myself to be pro-life, I also consider myself to be non-judgemental.  I don’t believe abortion is the best option but I will not judge other people for making that decision, we all live our own lives and live with whatever choices we made.

I believe The Endangered Species Project has a point.  According to Walter B Hoye, President of Issues4Life Foundation: “… for every 100 Black babies born alive, there were 77 Black babies who died by abortion”.  That is more than half! What is surprising to me is that there are other options for mothers who don’t want to keep their children but according to The Endangered Species Project: “In 2007, [Planned Parenthood] made only 4,912 adoption referrals yet aborted 305,310 lives.  That’s one adoption referral per 62 abortions.”  Isn’t Planned Parenthood one of those places that we are encouraged to go to when we find ourselves in sticky situations to seek solutions!? Solutions plural.. then where are the other solutions!?

I am not one of those people who is going to jump on the mountain tops and preach to you about abortion being genocide.. my opinion is: I am pro-life.. HOWEVER.. I am not blind.. I know when I see some jive walkin up and through my backyard..

Here is my suggestion:

1. If you are not ready to be a parent, do not get pregnant — if you have to practice abstinence or if you simply want to use a form of birth control.. you won’t need to “take care of it” if you don’t make an “it”

2. Do your research — check out other options: adoption, safe haven laws (where you can leave your baby at the hospital or fire station), be responsible for your actions and take care of your child

3. Open up — don’t keep it to yourself, ask for advice and don’t make a rash decision

I ran across this project while visiting Sandra Rose and I wanted to share it with you all.. I believe that family is very important and we must be more responsible!


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