If The Head Right…

… Biggie there ery’night.. right?!

The man had a point.. men love head.. why!? I don’t know.. and I don’t want to know honestly.. but if he likes it then you.. should.. love.. it!

When it comes to expressing your love .. sex is the one act that allows both parties to express physically by giving of yourself totally to the other person .. of these acts head is the most unselfish expression

Sex allows for mutual pleasure.. but head is about pleasuring the other party.. your pleasure derives from giving them that pleasure..

Got me!?

If you love someone and want to show them during sex.. then why not give them head?!

It’s Nasty — The body in and of itself is pretty gross.. all kinds of germs stick to our bodies.. but that didn’t stop you from kissing up and down his chest did it!? Well.. incorporate a shower into the foreplay one time and just go for it.. it should be fresh as a daisy!

I’ll Gag — I’ve heard that the gagging sound turns some men on.. he’ll think that you are trying to achieve a deep throat and your gagging makes him believe that he is large and in charge.. you can practice suppressing your gag reflex on your own (take the advice of Phoebe (NSFW)).. or you purchase a suppressing agent like Good Head.. if you start to gag.. just pull away and start from the top (where the nerves are bundled anyway)

I Don’t Know How — How did you learn to ride a bike?! You sat down on the seat and started peddling with your training wheels.. right!? Same concept.. training wheels = “baby I’ve never done this before”.. If you tell him that you aren’t experienced.. I am sure that he will be more than willing to give you a lesson in fellatio! So.. go down there.. and listen to what he has to say..

I Don’t Want To Do It Wrong — So.. its been a couple tries and you’re still nervous?! Put a pillow over his face so he can’t look at you even though he’s gonna take a peek or two or dip under the covers so you don’t feel watched.. that should ease some of the tension.. If you’re worried about technique.. do like the rest of us and learn by example.. pop in a flick and take notes!! And of course.. every man is different.. ask him what he likes and doesn’t like.. after all.. you are doing this to please him..

Spit or Swallow? — I think this all depends on the reason you’re giving oral sex in the first place.. if it is foreplay.. then you don’t necessarily have to go that far.. that is the point of foreplay.. to get things goin.. not finish them off.. If this a stand in for intercourse.. then.. yes.. you should let him get all the way off.. if you are uncomfortable with having him ejaculate in your mouth then ask him to tell you when (until you can learn that for yourself) and help him finish in some other manner.. or spit or swallow

One thing I have come to understand about relationships is that they require a certain amount of sacrifice.. Giving unto one what you would not necessarily like to give.. relationships are not designed for Party A to make Party A happy.. that is selfishness.. that is being single..

In relationships we have to be aware of the things our S.O.s want and need and act accordingly.. So many of us are lying to ourselves that sex does not matter.. when in fact it is a form of communication between the two that cannot be shared with anyone else.. it is important to ensure that each party pleases the other in all ways..

I hear too often that men/women are so complicated.. when all we have to do pay a bit of attention.. speak up.. and google some stuff when need be!

||I was inspired to write this post after reading from one of my favorite blogs: Single Black Male.. I was also able to gather some great info on another site that I love AskMen.com..||


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