You Knew It Was Comin…


Yes.. I had to do a Valentines post.. this is a RELATIONSHIP blog after all!!

So.. let me keep it short and sweet for you mofos that got ish to do w/ your lovers and such..

Some Advice:

To Lovers — Valentines Day is all cute and whatnot because you can do some extra special ish.. your girl is probably buggin you because she thinks that it just has to be celebrated.. Well.. how about this.. do something really nice if you want to.. but don’t be forced into the Hallmark Hoopla just because you have an S.O. do it because you genuinely want to show that you care..

If you are normally a sweet person who does things Vday-esque on a regular basis.. then do something way out there (maybe you live in sunny Cali and can take him/her on a hot air balloon ride!?)

If you are not the type to show your love on regular days.. #slapyourself.. then don’t go overboard.. do something really thoughtful (her favorite flowers instead of roses perhaps is always a winner) then.. do something even sweeter a couple of weeks later.. it will read better..

If you hate Valentines day and your S.O. is a Hallmark Hoochie.. then placate them some.. go to dinner and hold hands.. but explain how you feel about it and come to a compromise..

Lastly.. and most importantly.. if you are in a relationship.. Vday and other lovers holidays are not times to act out of character.. be who you are.. treat your S.O. good on regular days and fellas: I will reiterate what so many have tried to get you to understand.. we know you love us.. but we want you to say it.. we want you to show it and you have to be sincere

To Us Single Folk — Let’s not cue the Beyonce YouTubes.. Valentines Day is not a day to mope around and act all salty because you don’t have a man/woman.. you didn’t have one yesterday.. and you probably won’t have one tomorrow.. so dust off the salt boo! Vday is a visual celebration of love.. so celebrate with those you love.. yourself, family, best friends.. whoever.. but why wallow in sorrow over one day of singledom like you haven’t been single for the past year!? Come on.. that doesn’t make sense.. there is no point in being bitter about it either..

Thank God that you aren’t stuck in that shitty, excuse my English, relationship with that no-good jawn and keep it movin!!

Thank God that you aren’t one of the many people who get abused by their partners everyday of the week and Vday aint no treat for them either!

Thank God that the S.O. who will give you what you want and need is on his/her way! Treat yourself to something nice and special.. but please.. don’t ruin it with your bitter tweets and facebook updates because you can’t handle your singledom like the rest of us!

To You Who Don’t Care — JOIN THE CLUB!!! Let’s go do something fun like.. take shots everytime we see a couple arguing today.. or throw popcorn in that movie “Valentines Day”.. or lay around and watch DVR’d Blackbuster flicks (oh.. that’s just me!?)

No matter what state of Vday-ness you are in.. it’s just a day!! Chill the eff out! Oh.. and if you plan on knockin it out the park tonight.. strap up.. especially if you are single and have lowered your standards in hopes of a Wal-Mart teddy bear and a sampler of Whitman’s Chocolates..

Guess who loves you!?


Happy Valentines Day!!


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