Have You Ever…

… Been speed dating!?

Let me know in the comments if you got this joke! I did.. rotflmao

I havent.. but today (weather permitting) I will!!

I am going to go with some friends to an event titled “Cuffing Season”.. (I know we won’t even go there!)

Anywho.. I am going to go to this event and speed date and have a little fun.. I have seen people speed date on tv and it looks like a good time.. Im not the type of girl to get all Cinderella about something like this.. I’ll be more.. Bad Girls Club..

I am not looking for love just some good laughs.. if I happen to meet someone nice.. then hopefully I’ll get a movie & some cheddar biscuits out of the deal.. or at least a good phone convo or two.. but I highly doubt I will since I will probably recognize most of the people there..

There is one guy in particular that I hope to see.. he is a club stalker.. and I have decided to turn the tables on him the next time I see him.. so he knows how it feels to get hawked!! However.. I have a feeling he knows how it feels already (because he is 007 sexy) so it might be a failed plan but a fun time..

Anyway.. I am just hoping to go have a good time.. laugh at some corny dudes and drink shirley temples to my little hearts content..

I will be sure to let you guys know how the speed dating went via FlyPaper Magazine!! stay tuned.. this is gonna be FUN!!

I guess I’ll give you Clevelanders the info (taken directly from my email #copyandpastethat): CUFFING SEASON, A SPEED DATING EVENT W/ STYLE @ LUST TONIGHT (2/5), 9PM To 11PM


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