Break Up To Make Up

I hate hearing this phrase “on-again off-again”.. what is the point of breaking up just to get back together!? I don’t understand it!

I can see two people who get into an argument and break up during an angry moment.. but that’s not really a break up is it!? But.. the two who go their separate ways, see other people and a few weeks later decide they want to get back together?! Those couples are the ones who confuse me..

1. Why did you break up in the first place!?

2. If you broke up.. shouldn’t that be a GIANT clue that a relationship between you just might not work!?

I have never ever been the type to backtrack.. just never saw the point.. if you dumped me.. there was a problem with me or the relationship right!? So why would I want to come back to you if you don’t want me!? And why would you want me back after you broke up with me!? That dont make no kinda sense!

At the same time.. I understand mistakes.. and maybe one or two break ups were out of anger or were mistakes.. but breaking up 8 times.. I mean.. c’mon.. you need to just chuck the deuces and find someone new..

Now.. can someone PLEASE explain to me why this whole backtracking thing is goin on!?


One Response to “Break Up To Make Up”

  1. A dedicated blogger Says:

    It looks like to me that you answered your own question about y some people backtrack, they feel like they made a mistake and everyone does that. There is no law that says thou shall not go back to one who thou has already been with. Who’s to say a partner in the relationship didn’t mature over time, people do change… But those who go back 8 times like you said are puzzling, a lot of indecisiveness…

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