Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve.. I am visiting some family and I am very excited.. why!?

1. Presents (I know.. Im all selfish and whatnot right?!)

2. Food (seafood)

3. New Years Eve (party party party lets all get wasted.. and that midnight kiss)

4. New Year..

2009 was not my best year.. some good things happened but alot of the worse things of life happened to me this year.. so I am looking forward to a new year and hopefully some new things.. new job, new money, new man (men, who am I kidding) and new blessings.. Im thankful for the good.. but lawwwwwd the bad.. well at least I learned from it…

Anywho.. I am trying to get into the Christmas spirit.. but.. it probably wont be exciting until tomorrow! Right now.. I just want to unfocus my mind and chill out.. I just wanted to post quickly to say Merry Christmas.. I am not sure if you’ll hear from me before 2010.. I hope so.. but I get so wrapped up in laziness.. (thats a damn shame)..

So.. have a safe and happy holiday..


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