Let Me Smell Yo…

Shoulda never gave you muthafcukas Youtube.. Its more fcukery than a little bit.. and I just canNOT..

“Smell Yo D*ck” is a “song” by Riskay feat. Aviance and Real.. Real tuuurrible..

I get it.. you think your man’s been cheating so you want to smell his manparts.. to see if they smell like vaj or Irish Springs.. umm ew.. the only reason to put your face that close to a peen is to give it some action.. if you have to bend down to unzip and sniff.. there is an issue.. whose ghetto mama came up with the idea of crotch sniffing!? Sigh..

Get all up and into this video.. peep Aviance’s “Bo Peep” hair she bought from Halloween USA.. the metallic blue corset and the words “OFFICIAL VID”.. also.. please peep the lyrics as they are ridiculous.. With as much talent as these three have o_O.. that was the best they could come up with!?

Excuse me while I Google what a non-cheating penis is supposed to smell like for future reference..


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