Go Oops Upside His Head

|| I wrote this post on Friday.. I was supposed to get back online and publish it but.. I didn’t feel like it.. enjoy even in it’s lateness ||

I know yall all know about the Tigerama by now.. Lawwwwd chile!! I can’t keep a straight face on this one..


Everybody is giving ol TW the sideeye because he cheated on his wife and she two-pieced him!? I don’t know why anyone is surprised.. Okay yes I do..

1. Tiger plays golf – we expect a basketball, football player, rapper, etc. to cheat on his wife.. but a golf player?! Well.. why not!? Here is why:

  • Gold diggers are not stupid – your average gold digger will go after the star player on the court.. a smart gold digger will go after the grand prize.. the so-so lookin dude who can get along with daddy & bankroll her life *note these gold diggers are not broke ass hoes givin head for courtside seats*
  • He’s got more bank than your average – Tiger has 50-leven endorsements from every-which-a-where.. Gillette to Nike..
  • Small chance of injury – Now.. we all see the damage a man’s favorite iron can do.. but how else is Tiger gonna get hurt?! A golf ball to the eye?! Cosmetic damage.. He could probably suffer a shoulder injury.. but c’mon man.. he can’t possibly be as at risk as his ball-handling counterparts

2. His wife is white – It is clear as day that white folks are crazy as hell (Dahmer anyone?).. but when it comes to ringin the alarm.. we think black women have the game on lock.. NO SIR.. a hurt woman is a hurt woman no matter what shade or class.. she was really G about it too.. just like your mama’s friend that keyed up her mans Caddy because she saw him steppin out with that hussy Deborah from Broadway and 16th.. she took his most prized possession and tried to go upside his head with it..

Now.. I don’t have the time of day to manuver through this Tigerama.. there is too much going on.. all these jump-offs coming out.. black people mad because now Tiger is back on our side and whatnot.. then there’s the case of ‘domestic abuse’ because she at least scratched him up..

But these are my thoughts.. Remember this is mostly entertainment..

Why do women who marry famous men get mad when they cheat!? I know that we all hope that the man we’re with will be faithful.. but c’mon son.. even broke ass project dudes cheat!.. You have to realize that sex is like a formula

desire + opportunity = KNOCKIN IT OUT THE PARK

Think about how much opportunity there is for a public figure to get hit up for sex.. once the desire is peaked.. it is hard for him to not smash.. I bet Tiger has more groupies than a little bit.. all these silly girls waste their time on the wrong fishies.. if Tiger wasn’t so damn funny lookin I woulda been on it too.. (okay and married.. damn)

*edited.. would I have been Tiger’s 11th!? DAMN SON!*


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