The Virtual Love Connection

I have heard this so many times: “Facebook is not EHarmony!” Well neither is the grocery store, church or the sleazy club that doesn’t sell a decent martini.. none of these places were formed so that people could meet possible S.O.s.. it just happened that way!

Any place that gets members of the opposite sex together is automatically a haven for match making.. yes that means the gas station, work and the restaurant with the good margaritas and the cute waiter..

If a public real-live place can be a cove of love connections, why can’t a social-networking site?! I’ve always thought of facebook like sitting in a classroom on the first day, a bunch of people who you don’t know can meet and get to know each other, except they are sitting in front of a computer rather than in front of you blocking your view of the chalkboard

Make the love connection:

1. You have direct connections to your peers – When I first got on facebook.. it was strictly for college students.. all the people who I befriended were people who I would eventually see on the Oval or at Catfish Biffs (OSU spots).. but being that I went to the largest school in the country.. it was impossible to get to know even half of these people.. facebook broke the ice for me and so many people.. there were automatic conversation starters online (oh, do you still live in the Towers?) and in person (hey, aren’t you my facebook friend?).. it was kind of like being at a networking event & seeing someone who you thought was cute..

2. Takes the pressure of face to face off – The first time I met someone in real life off of facebook, I already knew things about them because we’d messaged, exchanged im’s and eventually phone numbers.. meeting them offline was just a prereq to see if they were really cute, if they could hold their own in person and if they were as interesting as they appeared.. Once they came to the dorm.. or Marketplace or wherever we planned to meet.. the conversation flowed easily because we already had kind of met..

3. The ice is broken – I already mentioned this.. but I think it deserves its own point.. when you are a part of a social networking site, you are open to meeting all types of characters.. Plus your pictures and other information are posted.. so being found in a public place isn’t all that strange.. I have met so many people who I follow or they follow me on twitter.. or they are friends of mine of facebook.. it breaks the ice because it feels like you know this person in passing are just getting the opportunity to speak with them.. Plus you can talk about how crazy it is that you met them in real life and about how your kids are going to hell in a hand basket because they won’t have interpersonal skills

4. Ability to multi-task – multi-tasking in relationships is frowned down upon.. this is also known as cheating.. but when you are not in a relationship.. you are free to multi-task (date) as much as you want.. bein a part of a social network opens you up to meeting a bajillion people.. thus having the ability to date any one of them in real life who want to date you.. Now.. multi-tasking in the literal sense is also easy to do during social networking.. you can aim with your girlfriend, write a paper, talk on the phone, twitter your basketball buddies.. blah blah you get it.. the internet gives you the ability to negate undivided attention and spread it out without anyone being the wiser

5. Once you meet, you can tweet – The past.. oh I don’t know? 5 guys I met have asked me.. “do you have facebook or something?”.. When I meet people.. it’s dark or brief or something not conducive for getting to know you banter or seeing clearly.. so hopping on facebook after a couple of texts or a phone call will remind you what they looked like and give you some insight into what types of things they like.. and how stupid they may be (status messages).. everything from favorite movies to thier take on the war may appear on facebook.. you now have a *bonus mode of communication and informational gathering

I have to say.. I don’t have a problem with meeting people on social networking sites.. it happens.. there are only two types of people who I have a problem doing this

1. People who get on sites specifically to meet people .. it’s not a site for dating, it’s a site for networking.. love connections happen by chance

2. Creepy McCreepsters who get on sites like Myspace to meet young girls with ‘sexi pics’.. they should be on To Catch A Predator

Facebook, twitter, etc. are great places to make connections with people who you have a lot in common with.. sometimes love connections can be made.. be open to them.. Love does not have a time or meeting place assigned to it..

Get your eharm on..

m. lauren


One Response to “The Virtual Love Connection”

  1. Always love reading your posts M. Lauren. Wanna talk about how we can get you a column on my site after I get it set up the way I want it.

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