Teach Your Child Some Manners

This incident is old but still pisses me off..

I am pretty much obsessed with the library.. I go about two-three times a weeks and dont usually leave with less that 5 books.. One particular day.. I was leaving the library with.. no lie.. about 20 books.. IN MY ARMS.. I am talking.. huffing and puffing, strained face, about to collapse, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO OPEN THE DAMN DOOR.. 20 books..

Most libraries have two doors.. do you know that I had to exit BOTH doors without assistance?!

Well the reason it pissed me off is because a young black man was in the corridor between both doors.. meaning he could have grabbed both.. at the very least he could have pushed the f’ing handicapped button.. but did he!? No his inconsiderate ass watched me kick at the damn door.. How I got to my car is a mystery.. How I got there without cussing his young ass out is also a mystery (I likely ASKED for his assistance)

What the hell?! It’s not about me being a woman OR me being another black person.. I am S T R U G G L I N G  with 20 books in my arms and look like Im about to collapse.. GETCHOASSUPANDHELPMENEGRO..

When did it become the norm to be inconsiderate, rude and not have manners?! Why don’t these children have hometraining!? Where are thier mothers!? I hope if I EVER have a man-child that I teach him how to treat people in general with respect.. how dare you look someone in their eye and not help them in need?!

Do you know how many doors I’ve held.. how many things I’ve picked up that someone dropped!? How many times I’ve told a girl in the club that money was hanging out of her pocket.. after she looked at me like I was tryna take her home!? Oh.. yes.. I have MANNERS.. I have self-respect and respect for people.. I don’t understand how people just don’t..

Maybe I was just blessed with a good family with down home Southern Hospitality and common sense?!

I am telling you.. I had to let that one out.. the next young “man” I see who is that disrespectful.. will be getting the biz from me.. ohhh chile.. I hope he doesn’t catch me on a bad day..

This was a vent.. but trust.. when I get over my anger.. or cuss someone out.. I’ll give a full post..


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