Those are MY Kids

I saw this picture and said to myself: WHAT THEE HAIL!?!?


Now.. here we have a beautiful family.. I cannot deny that.. but it’s not complete.. these girls clearly have a different father than Djimon.. and I was thinking.. how would you feel seeing a CHRISTMAS CARD (not just some run of the mill snapshot) with your children and another man.. hell he is holding one of Russell’s children’s hands..

I am using this picture as an illustration of my thought process.. not to harp on thier lives/domestic setup..

I just cannot see being the parent to a child and feeling 100% okay with having another woman picture with them for the holidays.. these are my kids.. step back buddy! It just gives the image that the original parent is not in the picture.. and maybe that they are okay with someone else raising thier children.. well thats what it looks like to me..

I just can’t see giving my stamp of approval like: “yes ma’am.. gon head and take picthurs wit ma kids like u raised em” .. NUUUUH! You better get your own damn kids to take Christmas Card pictures with..

What do you think!?


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