World AIDS Day

Ladies and Gentlefolk.. it is World AIDS Day.. ..which means a lot of people will sport red ribbons.. talk about wrapping it up and spout the best conspiracy theories they can come up with..

Well how about this?

HIV and/or AIDS is not a one day thing.. it doesn’t go away.. people catch it and it sticks like Wendy’s hamburgers to a new employees hand.. Awareness I am all for.. but tomorrow will you still be twittering about the cure they won’t tell us about?! Or will you be back to using your 140 characters to discuss the newest episode of Heroes?

All I am saying is that awareness and prevention is not a one day thing..

Now.. Here are some random thoughts I have about World AIDS Day:

1. There is really a cure but they won’t tell us — well since mum is the word.. why thee hail are we so worried about it!? 4000 people yelling about this mystery cure hasn’t and will not get it out there.. so stop conspiracy theorising and throw some money to the people who are diligently researching and searching for a cure

2. The government injected us with HIV — since no one has proven this.. there is no reason to keep harping on it or any other conspiracy theories.. deal with what you can.. can you educate people and teach them about prevention!? Well do that instead of standing on the corner with pamphlets over your head screaming about your distrust for the government.. We all know they aint to be trusted..

3. Condoms are not the only answer — yes.. wrap it up.. it’s a cool catchphrase and a great way to prevent transmitting the cooties.. but c’mon.. we all know the only way you won’t get kids or cooties is by clamping those legs shut and keeping the dingdong inside the zipper.. But.. if you decide you just have to open up those limbs.. do so after you’ve been tested, spoke with your partner about testing and wrapped it up

4. Two condoms is not a good idea — there are some idiotas in the mundo.. but lawwwd the dumbest actually believe that wearing two condoms will prevent pregnancy, STDs and etc.. Now.. if you’re 14 years old.. I will give you a pass for having this dumbass notion.. but take your ass to Mr. Jameson’s health class and jack it until you have enough aptitude to understand the inner workings of your inner workings.. anyway.. at 14.. wtf can you do!? *this message brought to you by “a girl with a little brother”*.. two condoms create friction.. friction creates tearing.. tearing creates baby diapers & antiretrovirals.. IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT ANTIRETROVIRALS ARE.. LOOK IT UP

5. Testing is not fun but has to be done — getting a HIV test is usually painless.. they either swab you or take blood.. either way.. wouldn’t you rather have a bit of discomfort and anxiety while awaiting your test results than spend 3 days in the hospital after you tell *Charles that you gave him a gift he can’t get rid of?!

*okay.. so Charles is clearly made up

6. It ain’t nothin but a thang to ask — “hey baby, when’s the last time you got tested?” .. just blurt that ish out!! Who honestly can get mad at that?! You are inquiring about someone else’s well-being.. Just think how good it would feel to look into the eyes of your STD-negative partner in a moment of passion.. well.. ask questions then!

7. Liar, Liar.. Pants on fire — seriously.. Whoever made that up.. GENIUS.. If you have or have had an STD.. be honest about it.. especially if you are asked.. now.. if maybe you took some antibiotics and it’s gone away now.. you may keep that to yourself (if you choose).. but if you are still popping penicillin like its hot.. or burning up the sheets with your herpes infected.. ugh.. then SAY SOMETHING

I am not a philosophical character who wants to get on my blog and write beautiful prose about getting tested and wearing condoms.. I am a girl who is single who has sex and tells it like it is..

Protect yourself.. ask questions.. be honest.. use discretion.. don’t sleep with any old somebody walkin the streets.. be careful..

World AIDS Day


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