What Are You Lookin For

Oh.. you don't know Sheila huh?! Why she call you 12 times on friday then!?

Silly.. silly idiot.. drop the phone.. it does NOT belong to you..

I am only going to say this one time.. and if I have to repeat myself to ANYONE.. I will cyber thug you all:


And when you find it.. please remember to be mad at yourself for searching and not me for doing.. HELLO!

When I was 19.. I went through my boyfriends phone.. it had been a couple of months.. he’d texted a female “friend” telling her that I wasn’t his girlfriend or some other b.s… and what did I do?! Ab-so-lut-ely nothing! I couldn’t.. I shouldn’t have been looking through his phone in the first place.. and I was NOT about to give up my position.. I learned a valuable relationshipial lesson that day:


This seems to be a significant issue in relationships.. looking through phones, searching pockets, reading diaries (yes, the same ex did that to me.. crazy mofo)

If you have enough distrust to search for signs of infidelity.. you have enough distrust to be by your damn self!

I will never ever understand why people go looking for possible drama.. 

Here is some advice for ya’ll:

1. Don’t ask questions you don’t really want the answers to — “did you sleep with her?”.. either way you are going to be mad.. if he lies, you’ll be mad that he cheated AND lied.. and if he tells the truth, you’ll be mad that he cheated.. if you don’t want to know.. just don’t ask
2. Don’t go looking for answers, you will find them — nothing is worse than finding something out on your own about the person you trust.. whether you’ve asked around or logged in to his facebook (#fail).. you will undoubtly find something that will wreak havoc.. even if it means nothing.. you know you will make something out of nothing..
3. Don’t reveal your sneakiness — if you decide to confront someone about information you received in an underhanded manner, you will now be the person in the hotseat.. whatever the other party did will no longer matter because you should’ve trusted them and minded your own damn business! Just tell them some guys from the baseball team told you (c) Mean Girls
||I do not condone dishonesty, but Im trying to save your ass||


2 Responses to “What Are You Lookin For”

  1. SaneN85 Says:

    Also, what is the point in searching out this information, just to yell at him and still stay with his a**? Why?!? What purpose does that serve? Especially if you do this more than once, you are just making sure he KNOWS you will let him get away with it. If he knows he’ll get away with it, you’re practically writing him a prescription for outside booty.

    Sidenote: I just found out Michael Ealy will be on several episodes of Flash Forward, only one of which will be playing before the new year.

    • regularsbf Says:

      Love does something to people i will never understand.. a hot ass mess!!

      Going to find Michael.. right now

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