Making Plans

Everyday, we make plans for ourselves.. From what to wear for the week to what to do after graduation.. And when those plans don’t pan out, or go in a different direction.. We are like chickens with the heads cut off..

We make all of these plans but never prepare for them to go awry.. We are always surprised and unsure of how to function afterward..

What we should realize is that a plan is just that: plan (plan) -n.

1. scheme or method of action or arrangement, developed in advance 2. outline, diagram, or sketch

It is a scheme.. An outline.. A sketch, it can be rewritten, rethought, or completely erased..

However, we tend to act on our plans as if they are etched in stone..

When I was a freshman in college beginning to navigate adult relationships, my friends told me: “hope for the best but expect the worst”.. While the polar opposites of that statement I can’t agree with.. I can get with the general idea..

They were basically saying, no matter what you have outlined in your mind.. It can turn out totally different, so get prepared to experience change…

I believe that we have our own plans.. And God (or insert your belief here) has His (its) own plan.. Coupled with the plans of the people around you, especially those directly connected to the plans (i.e. Family, so’s, friends,etc.).. With all these plans floating around, how on earth would one be able to stick?!

This is why we need to be prepared.. Not with another plan, but with the mindset of being able to roll with the punches and accept changes as they come..we cannot always control change, but we can always control our reactions to it..

I know it is hard to roll with the punches when other factors (i.e. money, love, etc.) And other people are involved.. But we have to realize that it is the way we react that shape the next steps..

No matter what the plan is, learn to accept the rewrites, rethinking and eraser marks..


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