luv music // Russian Roulette

Today I watched the video for Russian Roulette.. While dark and questionable.. I found it to be easy to conceptualize.. But this isn’t a video review.. I am just going to speak on the song..

The first time I heard the song.. I thought WOW.. I was honestly blown away.. The song really is not that wonderful.. But I was amazed nonetheless..

Many people have criticized Rihanna for singing the song (written by Ne-Yo) for its dark content and intent.. And while I understand a 14 year old may take “just pull the trigger” literally.. I tried to grasp the concept of the song..

I would like to believe this song is (obviously) about risk taking.. The game of russian roulette is a based around risking your life and being unsure.. Its focus is clearly on fear..

This reminds me a bit of love.. In a warped non-fairy tale way..

In the song, the guy tells her to go ahead and do it.. Don’t worry, just breathe.. It’ll be okay.. He’s clearly done this before.. And I thought.. This sounds like a man speaking to a woman with baggage.. Trying to assure her that by taking the risk of loving him that things would be okay.. But her fear is that.. This time.. Love would fail again and kill her (spirit?)..

I never thought the song was about playing a real game of russian roulette or suicide.. Of course not.. Not one songwriter is that obvious..

I concluded that this song was about love.. Love can be a risky and dangerous game.. There is much uncertainty which gives into fear.. Causing us to contemplate the risk we are taking.. We don’t want to dive in head first.. We need time to think and decide.. Because.. people can fail us.. in the game.. we may end up with the bullet..

I honestly found the song to be beautiful in a dark and somber way.. Using my interpretation.. Him asking her to take a chance that may fail.. And her contemplating it..

But I know that I am not like other people.. I think deep.. Sometimes too. Deep..

The other interpretation I came up with was sex.. But duh.. Leave that for someone else to explain..


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