I am uncomfortable..

I am open.. in a way that is somewhat unlike me.. in a way that is scary.. I am open which makes my emotions visible.. in turn creating vulnerability.. because I am vulnerable.. I am worried about the turns my emotions are taking.. thus I am insecure.. the insecurity is bred by being unsure of what is going on that I cannot see..

Being unsure makes me uncomfortable..

I thrive off of knowing.. not having a sure thing makes me nervous, apprehensive and uncomfortable..

I have no idea how to navigate in a maze shrouded in darkness.. and that is what I feel like this is.. a maze.. a dark maze.. not a lonely one.. just dark..

Basically, I just feel uncomfortable because I have no clear understanding of my feelings and where they come from .. but that doesn’t change the fact that they exist and I am not going to ignore them..

Just needed to share


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