Carpe The Moment


Pink Sherbert Photography

Love is scary.. Before love is scarier.. The point when you begin to date again after a string of failed relationships and meet a person who could possibly renew your energy & hope for like.. And later love.. That is absolutely and remarkably terrifying.. Yet.. Intriguing, exciting and sobering..

In these moments.. Moments of pure bliss from the (figurative) hands of another person.. In these moments we begin to doubt.. We question the purity and simplicity of the sparkling chemistry.. We dig too deep to understand the rate of speed our liking is traveling.. We search for any modicum of negativity that proves that these flutters in our stomach are nothing more than the leftover moths of loves past..

We believe that this.. Thing.. We’ve come across is “too good to be true”.. The magnetism is a sign of trouble rather than a sign to forge ahead, even if carefully so.. We read into every questionable action but disregard the simple cues that he really is “into” us.. We focus on the minute nicks in the new possible union that would surely shred this thing into unrecognizable pieces.. We take the time to wonder.. Why? Why am I so deserving of something like this.. So simple, easy.. carefree even?

In these moments of doubt.. We must remind ourselves that no thing is guaranteed.. But even so, we must discover all that life and love have to offer..

Last night.. I decided to seize the moments.. Allow each second of time to exist on its own accord knowing that I could not predict the future or change the past.. Knowing that so far.. So good.. Everything I have seen has led me to believe that forging ahead.. carefully and as carefree as possible will not be a one-way deal.. I have picked apart everything that I possibly could up until this point.. But logic made no sense in his presence..

Only emotions were allowed.. Emotions whether good or bad.. Allow us to open ourselves up to living boldly.. Logic forces us to “think it through”.. Today I said the hell with logic.. I decided to allow myself to live in the moment as long as I can..

If the moment only lasts a day.. I will have to be okay with that.. And if somehow.. The moment lasts longer.. I pray I’ll be blessed to revel in it.. Somewhere in those moments I will find happiness and laughter.. Perhaps I will find love.. But only time could tell you that.. Above all.. I hope to release negative thinking from my being and understand what it means to “carpe diem”..

I cannot deny that a strong force exists that draws us to each other.. So I won’t try.. I will just allow myself to live inside each moment totally.. I won’t focus on what may go wrong.. And I won’t worry about what may become of this.. I will only focus on the here and now..

I make this promise to myself and this mysterious creation of man.. To seek each moment in and of itself for as long as I am allowed and revel in it for as long as I possibly can..


m. lauren..
carpe the moment


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