luv muzic underground // Searius Add

Check out this video from Searius Add – Ideal Idea..

I love this song.. who knew rappers could rap about love without being hella raunchy?!

*check out my bff Dorothy (second girl featured)*

downloadIdeal Idea

|| Bonus Trax || Make A Mess  That’s My Girl

Searius Add is a rapper out of Columbus.. not one of those rough-housing-bitches-and-hoes rappers.. and not one of those so-deep-he-has-no-surface rappers.. He is an artist that speaks real words and has more on his mind that money, thuggery and skirt-chasing..

Searius is also a spoken word artist and frequent event host..

visit his site Searius Thoughts or follow him on twitter @seariusadd

Speaking of twitter.. follow my new twitter @andlookingblog


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