new luv tuesday // Collaborations

Don’t speak French but I’ll tongue you down” – doesn’t this sound like a 16 (or 8 whatever) from lyrical mastermind Too Short?!

Well, Im sorry to disappoint.. this comes from a new song from Jamie Foxx feat. Gucci Mane – Speak French..
It is supposedly the lead single from Jamie’s album to be released in 2010..

I can’t lie.. I am rockin to this right now.. it’s not as raunchy as expected.. I like the production.. and it’s catchy..

Jamie_Foxx“Intuition is one of my favorite albums.. so (insert Jamie Foxx album name here) has a lot to live up to.. for me anyway

Get into Speak French..

In other artists-who-I-am-fond-of-and-have-new-songs-out news.. Robin Thicke.. boy bye!!

Ol Robbie teamed up with Nicki Minaj -lil Wayne’s clone and prison replacement- for “Shakin’ It For Daddy”.. the title alone should let you know how marvelous o_O the song is.. I didn’t get the first 1:30.. so I can’t tell you anything about Robin’s lyrics.. sorry.. I almost don’t want to post it for your listening displeasure.. but I will so your ears can witness the same pain mine did..

Robin Thicke feat. Nicki Minaj Skankin Shakin It For Daddy

Lastly, I introduce you to yet another Trey Song.. *yawn*.. “Hood Love” feat. Mary J. Blige.. it’s a ballet (no Chris Brown).. and it is pure Mary J. lyric wise.. no flowers and poetry.. just straight lyrics.. if there’s a high note in there somewhere.. I could probably see me in the car jammin to this much like I do to “Shakedown” – Mary J and Ursha Baby..

Okay.. let’s be real.. I was typing and listening.. so I yawned too soon.. I could see the song growing on me.. even though I know nothing about “hood love”.. I just am a little over Trey.. I would like him to stop lil Wayning and take a breather.. that is all..

Get your hood love on:

Hood Love – Trey Songz feat. Mary J. Blige


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