Whimiscal Fantasies

I am a dreamer.. I always have been..

You name it.. I daydreamed it.. it’s such a frequent occurence that I have to think up a daydream before I can even fall asleep..

These fantasies aren’t all sex related either as the word would have you believe.. sometimes I am meeting a famous person, in a relationship or getting a job from them.. but sometimes.. these are fantasies of a more romantic nature.. starring sexy men like Michael Ealy

I choose to live out my fairy tale in my head rather than wait for Prince Not-So-Charming to rear his ugly head and flip my life on its ear..cindyprince2

But.. I got to thinking about how these fantasies that seem so whimsical and light are not so harmless..

While the fantasies are fun, fancy-free and totally about me.. they may be setting me up for failure in real life..

The men in my daydreams are ideal.. in every way..

They cater to my every need, never complain, never cause problems and do all the things I want my husband to do in real life.. but they also set some very high and sometimes unrealistic expectations..

In these fantasies I am the end all to be all.. in my mansion with my high-class kitchen and tiny waist.. my man is a caretaker, intelligent, FINE and put together in every way..

Then I wake up.. and enter real life..

Men are simply not like Ginuwine, my husband forever since 5th grade, in real life.. they are imperfect.. and sometimes a hot ass mess..

Creating fantasies creates expectations that could end up disappointing me later on because I may push them onto a man in real life..

However, I recognize that my boredom begets critical thinking.. I know that I am making stuff up because I have nothing better to do with my time at 2am.. I know that I am making up crap because it allows me to experience things I may not get to in real life (I think Im a daredevil and all.. but I probably won’t ever jump out a plane thats not on the ground).. I know that creating some random daydream helps me to fall asleep because Im so used it.. and I know that no matter how much crap I come up with.. it won’t exist in real life..

I guess you could say that I am a realistic dreamer.. I will allow my imagination to run wild, but I won’t allow it to seep into my reality..

My life with Prince Charming exists in my head but I know that imperfection exists in the real world.. so I have my fun in the head.. and then return to real life in the morning.. having slept well and laughing at whatever silly notion I came up with the night before (me? cook Thanksgiving dinner? give me a break!)

I posted this not-so-deep look into my not-so-deep psyche as an example.. don’t get caught up in fantasies, imaginations, hopes and dreams.. allow real life to work its magic.. accept imperfection (if it’s acceptable) and take the ride..


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