A Few Chances

soul_mate_sThe other night, I was out with a new friend.. and he said “I believe you only get a couple of chances at love in a lifetime”.. wow

And I wondered.. is that true?!

I believe in the possibility of soul mates.. that there is one person who is created just for you to love and be loved by, and be with for as long as allowed.. but I don’t believe that you can only love that person..

It is in our nature to love others, we were created with emotions that dictate feelings of affection towards other people, some that are deeper than others.. it makes absolute sense that we could love or be in love with someone other than the intended soul mate..

True Love is an art form.. I learned this courtesy of Jesus.. it is unconditional.. it sounds so easy.. but it’s not.. true love means that you love someone NO MATTER what they ever have done or will ever do to or for you.. this love is not based on the person, but on love.. straight from the heart..

I imagine myself to have loved and been in love a time or 3.. until I discovered what true love is.. and then realized that I was infatuated, in lust, or plain crazy.. I may have been head over heels but I was not in love.. howeverI know deep down inside that I will meet my soul mate and truly be in love with him..

So there must be some kind of “accidental love forgiveness”.. there is no way that we could love more than one person if those deep feelings of whatever you believed to have been love weren’t able to be washed away..

I believe you’ll love a person forever, but God allows your heart, mind and soul to heal up enough to regain most of what you’d given away mistakenly so that you could give it to the person that it was meant for..

There is of course the factor that you may not have loved in the first place.. you would have still given away much of yourself to a person with the belief of love.. and again, that would need to be replenished..

So.. maybe we are allowed to replenish a couple of times..

Or a possibility that makes even more sense, we don’t truly love someone until we are with the one meant for us.. and all that other stuff is a case of mistaken love identity.. and practice..

The fact still remains that whether it is love, lust or infatuation.. you are still giving away pieces of yourself to someone who may not be deserving of it.. and I am not just talking sexually.. I am talking about mentally, spiritually, physically and financially..

To me, it is more important to discern whether or not you should be giving anything to the person you are with.. figuring out if this is the one, soul mate, future husband, etc. or if they will just be another notch in your love belt..

That is the hardest part.. because one may never know until it’s over.. my only advice is caution..

And to my new friend.. I must say 1. thank you for giving me something to think about deeper than what appetizer to order and 2. maybe you are right.. and even if you are not.. here’s to finding out..


m. lauren

Regular SBF


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