Luv Music // Sigh.. too sexy for me o_O

Read my boredom*

The new Trey Songz video came out sometime this week.. it’s for “I Invented Sex”.. it features a dark-skinned girl with curly hair o_O.. he licks and bites and sucks all over her.. she licks and bites and sucks all over him.. he cuts Drake’s verse.. it’s black and white.. it’s supposed to be sexy.. it looks like not so hot soft-core porn.. the song is too fast for this ish.. he aint no pervert R. Kelly .. he damn sure ain’t no Maxwell .. he’s just.. trying I guess.. honestly.. Im pretty over Trey Songz’ sex.. I mean.. I get it dude.. you like sex and singing about it and think you’re the sht at it.. the finesse of your sex is lost here in this video..

I would say how sexy and hot and bothered the video is.. but I was kinda bored throughout.. I mean.. who can’t lick ice off a girls boob!? Hell.. even I could do that (if I wanted to).. it was like.. doing alot.. don’t most people have sex like that.. at some point?!

*rolls eyes.. pops in richard simmons VHS.. sweats to the oldies*

Anywho.. people (read: women) were all atwitter about the video .. but I dont know why yet.. it’s rather annoying to me.. I watched a paused Living Single rerun through the last half of the video.. so.. whatever.. watch it if you want.. but you probably should just take my word for it..



One Response to “Luv Music // Sigh.. too sexy for me o_O”

  1. maplesyrup10 Says:

    wow.. thank god, they aren’t naked..

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