But, does he make you happy?

Girl: “Gramma, I have a new boyfriend, he is gorgeous, sweet, funny and very intelligent”
Gramma: “Great baby, but does he make you happy?”

This is a phrase that is usually spoken by the women who love us when a new man enters our lives.. Why?

We have lists (whether written or in the mind) of what we require and want from men, these lists usually consist of qualities such as: intelligent, funny, goal-oriented, attractive, good in bed* or wealthy..
Many of us are blessed enough to meet a man who possesses many of the qualities we are fond of.. He meets our lists.. But does he meet the heart?!

The problem with the list os that we bulletpoint qualities that are ideal, negating the fact the ideal qualities do not guarantee love and happiness..

He’s everything that you’d want in a man, but he needs to be that for you.. Shemar Moore possesses some of the qualities I’d want.. But its probable that I’d be miserable…

Point is, be open.. Every fine, bed-rocking Einstein is not the man you need to be with.. If he’s okay looking, bed rocking and averaged B-‘s AND he makes you feel like a mouth full of pop rocks (ridiculously happy).. Then be happy..

Don’t ever trade happiness for “sounds good”..

Straight from America’s Mama Michelle Obama: “Cute’s good, but cute only lasts for so long.” “You shouldn’t be in a relationship with somebody who doesn’t make you completely happy and make you feel whole.”


m. lauren, regular sbf


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