The Notorious N-U-M

Ever since my first late night boy/girl conversation in 10th grade, I’ve been aware of “THE NUMBER“.. this 1 to 2 (3 if that’s your thing) digit calling card that gives person A “all the information” they need to know about your sex life..


The number is a silly notion to me.. sure.. I’ve kept track.. I know exactly how many men I’ve slept with.. I can even provide details if I want to.. but I don’t.. I keep track because I like to be able to recall things..


For some reason, men seem to believe that knowing your number can deem you worthy or unworthy of dating (because they will sleep with you regardless)..

A low number can mean some inkling of purity, inexperience or being careful/choosy.. while a higher number means.. you’re a slore..

The issue:  why does it really matter?!

What he/she needs to know is whether or not you’ve been protecting yourself and the time and results of your last testing..

The number is not information for just any ol john partner.. that’s info you can share with a special person who you want to know everything about you..


2 Responses to “The Notorious N-U-M”

  1. So what is the highest number that you have given to a casual sex partner?

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