SR // Strange Lovin

“Girl I wanna go home with you” -J. Holiday and countless men at the club

I plan to go out this weekend.. celebrate Halloween.. drink and maybe make some new friends.. and I will inevitably have to answer this question: “Whut chu bout ta do afta dis?” to which I will answer: “Go home” to which I will receive a response of “Can I come wit’chu?” and I will reply “umm… no” and walk away..

What is it with clubs?! The club is like a human meat market.. both men and women are on display for the opposite (or same if you get down like that) sex to ogle, touch and approach.. The music encourages dancing and often times is sexual in nature.. we are drinking and our inhibitions are loose nonexistant.. it’s like going to the shoe store, you want to bring home at least one pair..

I have to say.. I don’t quite understand the fascination with “taking someone home”.. I find sex to be much better with someone who I am comfortable with .. plus.. we’re talking about giving up your special goods to some.. heathen from the club.. uh no..

I understand that in the moment of drunken horniness and dim lighting, taking home some random may be an appetizing thought.. but I don’t think that HIV, baby mama drama and stalking taste very good.. Not to say that all stranger sex ends in this dastardly.. but the risks are increased (especially for bad decision-making and STD contracting)..

I also understand that the thrill of doing something taboo is.. well.. thrilling.. and it turns you on.. but wouldn’t you much rather just take a booty call in an alley!? Wouldn’t that be safer!? Okay.. maybe not..

All in all.. I don’t particularly like the phenomenon.. But.. I can appreciate all of the one night smash and runners out there.. because somebody has to do it..


One Response to “SR // Strange Lovin”

  1. A bitch like me Says:

    “Danger is not a Stranger” – Gucci

    Haha okay let me quit being ignorant.

    Would you rather the phenom of love in the club occur again (thanks alot Usher you manwhore!)?

    People, especially women, get so caught up in the ambiance of the song (don’t act like you don’t be daydreaming that you’re the chick in every sex/love song played at the club) that they find it empowering that they were able to caputre or enthrall someone enough that they want to do the horizontal polka with them.

    Either way, I still get nauseous at the notion of such ventures.

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