Luv Music // R&B For Me, Please

I swear I belong in the 90s.. I should have been this age in the 90s.. I am telling you..

I was taking a trip down memory lane via Youtube.. re-discovering some of the best music to ever be released.. Female 90s R&B.. Mary J Blige, Changing Faces, Mokenstef, Jade, Xscape, En Vogue, Zhane, TLC, Toni Braxton, Brandy, Faith Evans, Aaliyah, Whitney Houston, Total, 702, Monica.. boy the list goes on and on..

These are songs that I heard when I was 10.. that I barely understood.. and now that Im an adult and have entered the realm of real life and jacked up relationships.. this music resonates clear as a mf’n bell.. Forget some “I love my boo”.. this was some “Negro you better come correct or get gone”.. Unrequited love and heartache.. music that made you cry and get over some lowlife you never should have met in the first place..

And when they sang about sex.. well it was making love.. not fkin.. did they even curse in their music?!

All this new music can do is make you wish that you were gettin some ass in a Escalade on dubs.. with a rose gold chain wrapped around your torso.. girl bye! Now all we have to rely on during sleepless nights is neo-soul..

I, m. lauren, present you with some downhome.. do me right or gdfo straight up 90s R&mf’nB:

Mary J. Blige – Not Gon Cry.. Possibly one of the most soulful women to ever exist.. Mary could sing the alphabet and have you in tears wishing “G” wasn’t such a damn fool

Total – Sitting Home.. Ed Lover boy bye!

get you some

Faith Evans – Soon As I Get Home.. Faith really should have blown up.. her voice is beautiful.. She could’ve always done what Diddy does and use old Biggie songs to let his raps be great

Xscape – Who Can I Run To – That damn Z-bo had Tiny all f’d up didn’t he?! Well.. I know I’ve been there.. but I wish a n would show up to my show w/ another heffa on his arm.. I’d do more than pass a  side eye okay!?

and a Xscape bonus because they are my #1 favorite girl group of all time

I won’t bombard you with ALL of the greats.. because you’d be on this post for 8 whole days.. and I got more great ish for you to read..


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