Chris Brown’s Public Cry

Is C. Breezy having a breakdown?! Or is he a man hurting and regretful!?

So.. Someone on Youtube released a video: The Way We Used To Be.. the video is set to a mournful song about breaking up.. and features Chris and Rihanna in ‘happier’ times.. CB later posted the video on his twitter @mechanicaldummy.. This is not the first time that he’s posted some extra sappy, come back to me, I miss you type stuff on his twitter..

I know that the young man may be hurting.. but it is very rare for a person in the public eye to be so public about his feelings.. even if they are conspicuously veiled attempts

So I was thinking.. what is going on here?!

And plain and simple.. I think that he is probably upset, hurt, regretful and a mess of other emotions about this breakup.. He has to play out this whole drama in the public and probably has no real space to release the emotions in private.. So he is baring his soul to the world via twitter.. I just hope that it’s real..

Breaking up with someone you love is hard no matter what the situation behind the break up.. I know that CB is still getting flack from hitting the terrorist (thank you Aaron) and people are holding that against him as if to say he is not entitled to his feelings.. but he is..

Just because he may be responsible for the outcome of this.. doesn’t mean that he will not suffer the consequences.. he has to deal with heartache from breaking up, dealing with anger problems, having hit a woman, reconciling himself and his career.. but because he is at fault he is not supposed to be upset!?

Imagine having to deal with this plethora of issues at such a young age.. being a celebrity and having money don’t make you exempt from being human.. if this is the best way for C. Brown to deal with his issues.. then I encourage him to do so.. that is the only way he will ever be able to move past it and make himself a better person..

now.. Necole Bitchie put a poll up asking if Rih and Chris should get back together!? I would have to vote no.. love does not a good relationship make..

I was once in a relationship that seemed to have been dipped and drenched in love.. but.. it was still a volatile and unhealthy relationship.. that love was not the pure, unconditional, true love that I want and need in my life.. we were enraptured in each other it seemed.. but life is not The Notebook and things went awry REAL fast.. my point is.. just because you love or are in love with a person doesn’t mean that you should be with them.. when the relationship ends (and it is probably for the best) you should take a step back, evaluate what you learned and move on the best way you know how.. (unless the best way you know how is by getting another, which I wouldn’t recommend)..

Any relationship that has a factor of any sort of abuse, unhappiness, etc. is not the one you should be in..

So, I vote NO..

I won’t get into the abuse issues.. as many have spoken on it and I kinda just don’t feel like it..

By the by.. does anyone else notice that Chris seems happier and more into Rih than she is with him!? I read that before he was way more involved than she.. just wanted to point that out..

Also, I didn’t mention Rihanna’s dealing with this because 1. she is not publicly expressing herself and 2. I don’t really care for her enough to give her time on my blog.. girl bye

hit up Chris Brown on twitter.. @mechanicaldummy..

hit me up too while you’re at it @callmemlauren


One Response to “Chris Brown’s Public Cry”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I feel bad for Chris, not excusing what he has done but–he got attacked from all sides [thankfully on his behalf non was physical]. We just need to realize he is young [Again not excusing what he has done] and BOYS will be BOYS. Judging by how close the two were and how close the Rihanna was to his family, he has to be hurting. It’s hard to go from spending so much time with someone to being CUT OFF literally. So yea. I gotta go find that song and I didn’t know he was on twitter!! I gotta step my twitter game up lol.

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