Birthday Sex


My cake from this weekend "Happy 23rd 'whatevah I do what I want' Birthday Jas"

Today (October 27) marks my 23rd 21st birthday again.. I plan to celebrate this birthday bittersweetly.. I am back at home.. and pretty much jobless.. but I have another year and will be around some pretty cool people!

I was thinking about what I want for my birthday (money, duh).. and one of those things is male companionship.. why?! Just cause.. I’ve never had one of those romantic birthdays.. I always spend them surrounded with friends (even when in a relationship).. but this year.. I want a some hot steamy break your back sex date.. I want to go somewhere with a fine ass attractive member of the male species and have lots of sex a good time..

But alas my friends, I won’t be doing that as there is no fine ass man in my life that I can tolerate want to go out with..

And that is where I cut the bull.. I just want birthday sex.. is that too much to ask for!?

Thank you Jeremih for the new notion

Signing off,



One Response to “Birthday Sex”

  1. Grandpa Says:

    The song says its the best day of the year… So, no its not too much to ask for…

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