Who You Pokin Now?!

I loved me some facebook (twitter is my new boo)..

Facebook makes connecting with people almost effortless.. until people start to take it too seriously.. posting their relationship battles in their statuses.. beefing over an ex’s wall.. breaking up over tagged pictures.. a mess!!

This PSA is hilarious: Don’t Let Facebook Ruin Your Relationship..

p.s… I found a new blog to love! Urbane… ooh la la


3 Responses to “Who You Pokin Now?!”

  1. DdotJperiod Says:

    When someone pokes u, does it mean they wanna poke u?!?

  2. regularsbf Says:

    I so wish to find that out!! No one knows.. not even the FAQ’s

  3. Ken Kendall Says:

    You are so right. We have started to abuse technology.

    I am new to this blogging thing and writing about relationships. I would love for you to take a look and give me any feedback.



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