I Sooo Computer Love You

I have a million ways to reach you. I can text you, I can bbm you, I can email and I can twitter stalk you. I can see your face whenever I feel like it, thanks to facebook and if I want to hear your voice, I can watch you on ustream. I can think of 1001 ways to find you, but nothing beats seeing you face to face. Sometimes it’s not enough to understand the inner workings of your mind via your blog.

It’s not enough to see you looking good on flickr. Every once in a while a girl needs to communicate face to face. I’ve got to see the way your eyebrows raise when you laugh; I need to smell your Issey Miyake when you brush past me. Feeling your hands on my skin and you whispering in my ear has nothing on hours of gchat. I love being able to hear the ping of my Blackberry when you mms me silly pictures, but why don’t you come over instead? Seeing you in the flesh means more than any pictures we could ever put in a digital frame.

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