The Color Pink and Other Girly Ish I Hate

People look at me crazy when I express my utter disdain for the color pink.. but I am not your typical girl.. so this is a list of things that I do not like that Crayola, Tyler Perry and Lifetime have forced you to believe that I should..

1. Pink ish – the color pink is just plain ugly to me.. probably moreso because I am supposed to like it.. it is corny and stereotypical.. my favorite color is gold.. how many people can say that?!! Exactly, so now I’m not regular .. don’t buy me pink.. please!

2. Roses – I absolutely.. positively.. without a doubt hate roses!! They are not that pretty and they smell terrible!! The bigger issue though, is that they are soooo overdone! How many women have received roses from a date?! ALL OF US!! Giving roses signals a lack in creativity and listening skills.. I like lily’s, hibiscus and birds of paradise.. that is all.. I would much rather a man show up with nothing than show up with roses

3. Chocolates – along the same lines as roses.. especially for a special occasion.. where is the creativity!? At the least you could spring for some white chocolate.. instead of that lamewad Russell Stover’s sampler from Walgreens!! Hell,  I can get a Snickers bar whenever I feel like it.. the least you could do is grab me something straight from Ghiradelli!

4. Candlelit dinners – I cannot lie.. I am pretty uncomfortable in staged romantic moments.. I just don’t know what I am supposed to do.. I am 90% un-serious.. so I will likely giggle through your dinner.. it’d be better if the romance is spur of the moment.. (hey.. let’s jump on this horse and buggy through the park).. or if you just cook dinner and leave the lights on.. you look better without all those shadows anyway!

5. Cuddling – this is 50/50 for me.. there are times when I love to be cuddled up.. but these are moments that I will sidle up to you.. most times.. I would rather you keep some distance.. I would rather put my legs over yours or just lay side by side.. if I am sleepy, annoyed, sick, or feeling regular.. having your heavy ass arms draped over me will only serve to further annoy me.. you should probably learn to read my moods.. or let me make the first cuddle move

6. Being touchy-feely – imagine scooting your bare behind on the carpet.. back and forth.. for 20 minutes.. does that feel good?!? No!? Well that is how I feel when you are rubbing your rough ass man hand up and down my arm for 20 minutes! It is annoying and jittery!! BE STILL!!

7. Talking about hopes, dreams and emotions – I only want to talk about my feelings if it’s going to be beneficial or serve a purpose.. or I initiated it.. I am not going to talk about how much I love you constantly.. if I said it once.. that should be good enough for the next fews years months.. and asking me how I feel about something feels like I am having a conversation with my girlfriend.. I feel like not talking.. bye!

8. Slow dancing.. in private – I have no problem dancing for you .. but I feel a bit strange slow dancing to ‘our’ song on the radio in the living room.. why can’t we just listen to the song.. or start making out or something!?

It’d be safe to say that I am not like other girls.. I may not have a very feminine approach to dating actually.. is this strange!?! What are some other ‘girly’ things!? Maybe I’ll like those…


One Response to “The Color Pink and Other Girly Ish I Hate”

  1. Teddies? =]
    Long baths?
    Make up?
    Taking hours getting ready?
    Being scared at ‘horror’ films?
    Ummmm, ONLY watching Chick-Flicks?

    Lol, that’s all ‘girly’ things I could think of. But I loved your post! [Although I am a fan of pink…]

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