Freaky Ish

One of my favorite parts of 40 Year Old Virgin is when Mooj starts talking to Andy about it being okay that he’s still a virgin.. and he goes on this tangent.. where he mentions the ‘Cincinnati Bowtie’, ‘Rusty Trombone’ and ‘Dirty Sanchez’..

I question these terms every time I watch the movie.. but it was not until yesterday that I actually decided to google them..

and.. let’s just say.. I didn’t really need to know that..

I found a site with a list of these sexual terms.. and a few others.. these are not the worst of the bunch!..

Dirty Sanchez
Dirty Sanchez actually has two meanings, both of them very dirty. The more common definition involves wiping a dirty penis, after anal sex, on your partner’s buttocks or lip and drawing a moustache. The other, less common, definition is simpler to achieve. One only has to perform oral sex after engaging in anal sex.

Rusty Trombone
No musical talent is required for this act, but you do need to be flexible and a good multi-tasker. A Rusty Trombone is played by licking a man’s ass while reaching around and masturbating him. Do it and you’ll be amazed at how much it looks like you’re playing a trombone. If you hear music, you’ve been licking ass too long.

Cincinnati Bowtie
Every woman looks great in a Cincinnati Bowtie. To give your woman a Cincinatti Bowtie, place your penis between her breasts, with the penis facing downward. The penis and testicles, you’ll notice, greatly resemble a tie. For added pizazz, finish things off with a Pearl Necklace.

I knew it was gonna be something … different… but really!? Im open minded but this.. is just TOO much!

What does one do when faced with something like this?! Like if he goes “Girl, I want to you to give me a rusty trombone!”.. what do you do!? I would run, but I know there’s some freaks out there that would surely oblige..  I cannot..

read the rest..


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